Helping one million people obtain work

Sponsor Job Seekers

Services and businesses such as foundations, church groups, philanthropies, government agencies, school boards, companies putting together a layoff package, and more, now have access to a new method of helping job seekers find or create their own jobs.

This is your opportunity to sponsor people seeking employment by distributing tickets that give them access to an exciting and effective online job finding program that focuses on empowering job seekers.

Sign up as a sponsor and choose to receive either printed or electronic tickets that you can distribute to those whom you wish to encourage.

Thanks to the volume of participants, we are able to offer this course at 1/4 the cost of other such online courses.

All job seekers taking the course may choose to work with a mentor.

You will be given access to a portal that tracks the participation and success of all your recipients. Any unused tickets will be returned to you for your redistribution.

View a sample portal.