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Companies are laying people off. Governments are sending out unemployment checks. Schools are graduating students with few job opportunities. Churches and charities are also helping people find jobs.

JobGen helps people find or create jobs by guiding them through an enjoyable, custom-tailored, interactive 50-step program that leads them to become more employable. Participants also have the opportunity of choosing a mentor to help them prepare themselves for new employment.

JobGen is seeking individuals that enjoy talking to companies, charities and agencies that want to help the unemployed.

There are openings in most US and Canadian cities. You will be selling a valuable and exciting service to people that have a mandate to help others find employment.

Sponsors love us because they can track the effectiveness of their sponsorship dollars through access to a portal that tracks the participation and success of all their job seekers.

This is a contract position where you work from your home.

You will receive a 25% commission on each package you sell. There will also be bonus incentives in your contract.

Because this is a 100% commission position, and because we want to show you how easy closing sales for this new service is, (if you are serious, skilled, and hard working), JobGen is paying a very very large commission on your first 3 sales.

Your territory will be protected. Your territory will be the city you choose. In some cases, national client contracts may overlap your territory. You can also sell and manage a national account.

You will receive:
  • sales literature to give to prospective sponsors
  • a listing under Account Executives on the JobGen website with your JobGen email and your phone number
  • leads that come into the website that are for your territory

Here is a sample of the sales brochure that you would give to a potential client, along with a rate card and your business card.

Here is a link to a mockup of the portal that each of your clients will have.

If this sounds right for you, please complete the following application.

We look forward to you joining our team!






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*Which potential client segments do you want to target and why? Government, charities, churches, philanthropies, businesses laying off people, schools, other?

*What is your income goal, for the next 12 months? 4 years from now?

*What is your biggest passion in life?

*Tell us how JobGen can help you move towards some of your goals in life.

*What is one of the most creative things you have done?

*What is one of the most difficult things you have done?

*What sports or hobbies do you enjoy, and why?

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* I agree to the Terms of Service and understand the Privacy statement.

* I understand that I receive 25% commission on each package that I sell. Such commission is applicable if the client reorders directly, and to reorders occurring within 3 months of terminating or being terminated from my sales position with JobGen.

* I understand that all client and user information is confidential.