Your Path to Success

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“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

The course is an amalgamation of the thinking and practices of top thought leaders in the field of motivation and job procurement. JobGen is a road map for job seekers on their career path.

Your journey through the site will begin by answering questions aimed to help identify your personal traits and working style. You will then be led through a series of steps tailored to suit your individual needs. Each step will offer resources, information and inspirational stories from people who have "been there" to help guide and support you on your path.

One Step at a Time

Each step is designed to inspire and engage job seekers. You are challenged to consider the larger picture of what you want from your new career in steps such as "Happiness", "A New Way to See" and "Passion." You are also given practical tools and focus with steps like "Networking", "Initial Contact" and "My Goals." While working on each step, you may write notes and action lists. A compiled pdf of the highlights you have chosen will be available for download.

Guides along the Path

Along the way you will be able to connect with JobGen mentors online and seek their personal assistance while progressing through the steps. Working with a mentor who is already active within your field of interest can offer a tremendous advantage when seeking employment.

Arriving at the Destination

As you explore career opportunities, work with your mentor and refine your networking skills through the JobGen website, employment opportunities will no doubt present themselves. Register today and continue your personalized journey to success.

"Excellent topics, easy to follow and applies to everyone." – B.B.

"I really like how there are videos for each step." – A.P.

"Site is very clean, appealing and easy to use." – J.S.

"Enjoyed the 5-step plan for creating a personal mission statement." – T.A.

"After reading the social media step I will be signing up to LinkedIn to increase my online presence, and will definitely review my own Facebook page to monitor material that the public can view." – K.S.

"I like the quotes, and especially the success stories, and found the whole thing motivational." – L.M.

"Really enjoyed the steps. Learned my primary value in career choice." – M.C.

"It's super thorough which makes it useful." – A.P.

"Really like the action items and the Notes boxes on each page." – K.D.

"I quite enjoyed the personality test – it was enlightening, I learned about my own job objectives, as observed by a third party. " – K.S.

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