Waste Not Want Not – Creating a Business from Wasted Veggies

imperfectOver 20% of the produce grown for human consumption in the US goes to waste; that means instead of being eaten it is dumped in landfills where it releases methane gas into the atmosphere. The aesthetic standards imposed upon society does not only apply to people but to our produce as well. Like people, a pear comes in all different shapes and sizes and that doesn’t mean a lumpy or lopsided pear is any less nutritious or tasty than a perfectly symmetrical one.

Creators of Imperfect prefer the term “cosmetically challenged” as opposed to ugly when discussing their product. Imperfect is a California startup that sprouted from the passion of Ben Simon and Ben Chesler who have been in the fight against wasted food since 2011 with various projects. Imperfect was launched in the summer of 2015.

The Imperfect project is quite simple. They have teamed up with California farmers to purchase disfigured produce at a discount price. They then pass the savings onto customers (approximately 30% cheaper than the grocery store) and deliver it right to their door!

Customers in the Bay area of San Francisco will get a 10-15lb assorted box of fresh produce for $12 when ordering from Imperfect. The next step for Imperfect is to spread their project into commercial grocery stores, they have so far collaborated with California supermarket Raley’s as well as two grocers in Canada and a few in Australia.

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