These Arizona Companies are All Hiring 100+ Workers in March 2016

amzn_fb-tw_Icon-globalWhile some states lag behind in terms of hiring and job creation, others continue to excel. Arizona is definitely at the top of the list.

With the spring visitor season closing in fast, more and more companies are looking to ramp up in terms of manpower. For this reason, there are quite a few companies in Arizona that plan to hire a minimum of 100 employees this month.

Here is what the Arizona Republic had to say:

“Here are more than 80 companies, government entities and non-profit organizations collectively advertising more than 24,000 open positions this month. Each of these employers is looking to fill at least 100 jobs.”

If you live in the area or have no problem moving to Arizona, you may find yourself a perfect fit for one or more of these companies:

  • Aetna: hiring 140 people
  • com: hiring 240 people
  • American Express: hiring 310 people
  • Arizona Department of Economic Security: hiring 180 people
  • Chili’s: hiring 100 people
  • Community Health Systems: hiring 470 people
  • CVS Health: hiring 830 people
  • Department of Veterans Affairs: hiring 160 people
  • Family Dollar: hiring 110 people
  • Home Depot: hiring 330 people

The Arizona job market is as hot as the temperature on a midsummer day. These companies, among many others, plan on adding quite a few employees during the month of March (and beyond).


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