Career Change to Lead an Authentic Life

Profile 1About ten years ago, Jaimie Scott moved from Portland, Oregon down to Sacramento in California because he wanted a change of scenery and career.  However, he didn’t really know what he wanted to do.  Following a lot of soul searching, meditation and personal growth work, he came to the conclusion that what he wanted to do was work with dogs.

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These Arizona Valley Companies are Hiring

hiringFinding a job is easier said than done. However, if you focus your time and attention on firms that are actively hiring, you are in much better position to land a job.

Are you seeking work in the Arizona Valley? Are you willing to move to the area for employment? If so, you are in luck. There are hundreds of employers currently hiring in the area, all of which want to find talented individuals to bring on board.

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Waste Not Want Not – Creating a Business from Wasted Veggies

imperfectOver 20% of the produce grown for human consumption in the US goes to waste; that means instead of being eaten it is dumped in landfills where it releases methane gas into the atmosphere. The aesthetic standards imposed upon society does not only apply to people but to our produce as well. Like people, a pear comes in all different shapes and sizes and that doesn’t mean a lumpy or lopsided pear is any less nutritious or tasty than a perfectly symmetrical one.

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More Companies Hiring Work From Home Employees

work-from-homeThere used to be a time when work from home jobs were considered a scam. Even if you could find one of these, it was likely that your wages would be low.

In today’s day and age, this has all changed. More companies than ever are hiring work from home employees. There are many reasons for this, including increased efficiency and lower overhead. Furthermore, a growing number of employees are interested in this setup, as it affords them more flexibility.

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How One Woman Helps Small Businesses Succeed

margo-brownMany cities throughout the United States live and die with the success of local small businesses.

While some business owners have what it takes to achieve great success, others need a little help along the way. Fortunately, there are people and organizations built to assist those in need.

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