Jobs in Commercial Real Estate: These Cities are on the Rise

resGo back in time five to seven years and the economic downturn in the United States was in full swing. Fortunately, things are turning around with each passing day. This is particularly true in the commercial real estate market.

According to Seeking Alpha, commercial real estate is making a “steady recovery from the downturn.”

Not only is this good news for the economy and country in general, but it is doing wonders for people interested in working within this industry.

Some cities in the US are experiencing rapid growth in the commercial real estate market, most likely due to the response to strong job growth across the board.

Denver, for example, is leading the way. Here is what the Seeking Alpha article had to say about this city:

“With a comparatively low cost of doing business, Denver is an attractive choice for growing companies, particularly in the technology, aerospace, and telecommunications sectors. The city is currently ranked #1 in Forbe’s list of Best Places for Business and Careers.”

Other cities on the list include:

  • Atlanta
  • Seattle
  • Charlotte
  • San Diego

Commercial real estate is making a strong come back in the United States, and this has companies and job candidates smiling from ear to ear.

Now that the real estate market crash is far enough in the past, this industry will really begin to pick up steam.

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