How One Woman Helps Small Businesses Succeed

margo-brownMany cities throughout the United States live and die with the success of local small businesses.

While some business owners have what it takes to achieve great success, others need a little help along the way. Fortunately, there are people and organizations built to assist those in need.

Margo Brown, a Tempe business woman, was featured in an article published by the East Valley Tribune.

The article talks about how she spent an entire evening teaching business professionals about the benefits of setting goals. And not just any goals, but those that are “specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.”

Here is an interesting passage from the piece, discussing some key statistics associated with goal setting:

“According to Brown, 8 percent of individuals who write down their goals actually achieve them, and about 65 percent abandon their goals within the first month. She pushes individuals to set goals that excite them, and ones that will bring them the most success in the future. Brown claims that people often set goals that are out of their reach, and by setting goals that are so high, it is easier to get discouraged.”

Goals are a must if a small business owner is going to achieve success. Even more so, these goals need to be actionable. After all, it takes more than a good idea to succeed in today’s day and age.

Every small business owner wants to achieve great success. Sometimes, all it takes is a conversation with a mentor to make this happen.

As a job seeker, the same holds true. By getting a little bit of help, possibly through our course, you could find yourself on the right path to bigger and better things.

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