High Tech Industry Job Creation: Fast and Furious Growth

cloudThe United States technology industry continues to push forward, bringing more and more job opportunities to the country with each passing quarter.

According to a recent report shared by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), the industry added hundreds of thousands of new jobs last year. This has pushed things forward so much that there are now approximately seven million people working in the industry.

eWeek discussed the finer details of this data, including what it means to the economy as a whole as well as those who work within the industry:

“Meanwhile, the industry continues to be a major driver for the American economy, and high tech employees across multiple disciplines are seeing their compensation packages soar.”

The technology job market is stronger than ever before, driven largely by the growth of mobile technology and the cloud. This is a win-win situation for companies in this space, as well as people seeking a job.

The technology industry job market is looking good for 2016. With high tech hiring on the rise, employers and employees alike are in position to benefit.

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