Companies are Hiring People to Design, Build, Program, Manage and Operate Robots

robotDue in large part to new markets, the robotics industry is expected to reach $135 billion in 2019.

Take another look at that number: that is billion with a B, not million with an M.

According to the market research firm IDC, the robotics industry will continue to push forward, with new markets and increasing labor costs leading the way.

As of 2015, the market was valued at $71 billion. If this prediction by IDC holds true, the market will almost double over the next four years.

Jing Bing Zhang, a research director at IDC, noted the following:

“Robotics is one of the core technologies that is enabling significant change in manufacturing through factory-of-the-future initiatives. While traditionally used in the automotive industry, there is an increasing adoption of robotics in sectors like electronics, retail, healthcare, logistics, agriculture, services, education and government.”

Many industries, including automotive and healthcare, will be relying more heavily on robotics in the years to come. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the need for qualified employees will be any less.

Despite the fact that robotics as a technology has reached its tipping point, expansion is expected throughout the remainder of the decade.

If you want to work in the robotics industry, there are many opportunities to take advantage of. Getting started with your job search is priority number one.

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