Cloud Computing and Telecommunications Industries on the Rise: More Jobs Coming

cloud_computing_vector_graphic_556793Technology, technology, technology. There is no hiding from it. With each passing year, technology becomes more and more advanced.

As a result of this growth, many industries are taking off. For job seekers, this is a good thing. It means greater availability of open positions, thus providing the opportunity to land a stable and well paying job in the near future.

The cloud computing and telecommunications industries are projected to steadily grow over the next few years.

Here is something that will get you excited, shared by US Market:

“A recent study has projected that cloud-computing infrastructure and platforms spending will increase at an annually compounded growth rate of nearly 30% from 2013 to 2018.”

In 2015, Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service spending was reported at $33 billion. This is expected to reach more than $100 billion by 2018.

You can expect more of the same from the telecommunication industry, with the industry expected to grow by several percent through 2019. This stability puts telecommunication companies in position to hire more workers, knowing that there will be plenty of growth pushing them forward.

With the cloud computing and telecommunications industries growing at a fast rate, jobs are following closely behind. Those who work in this field, as well as those who are willing to make a career change, could find a position in one of these industries that suits their every want and need.

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