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I Love What I Do

TeresaTeresa Solomita is a psychoanalyst with a private practice in New York, helping individuals and couples who are struggling in their personal and professional relationships.  Prior to this she worked as a computer programmer for a major pharmaceutical company.  Although she liked some of the work, her heart was not in the job and she yearned for something different.

Her transition to becoming a therapist took many years, and for a while involved pursuing her studies while holding down a full-time job. Her clarity of vision and of purpose were remarkable.  In this interview, Teresa discusses how she persevered and stuck with her career dreams.

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Weekend Break Leads to Huge Career Change

0-bagThe purchase of a handbag from a boutique in the UK seaside resort of Brighton led Marcia Robinson to make a drastic career change.  The bright yellow O Bag received so many favorable comments from passersby that the seed of a business idea was planted in her head. 

Eventually, Marcia left her career as an IT professional behind her and set about launching the first ever dedicated O Bag store in the UK.  In this article, she discusses how she navigated her career transition into a completely different field.

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Career Change to Lead an Authentic Life

Profile 1About ten years ago, Jaimie Scott moved from Portland, Oregon down to Sacramento in California because he wanted a change of scenery and career.  However, he didn’t really know what he wanted to do.  Following a lot of soul searching, meditation and personal growth work, he came to the conclusion that what he wanted to do was work with dogs.

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From Corporate Career to Full-Time Nude Life Model

modelWhen Rosemarie Orwin was faced with redundancy there was only one direction she wanted to go in, and that was to be a full-time life model. There was no other job or career that interested her. Although stunned at the prospect of losing her job, she also felt a release at being free to try something else.

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How Volunteering Changed My Life

LouiseJohnson editVolunteering for a basking shark research project for the international environmental charity Earthwatch inspired Louise Johnson to make a major career transition. The former Group Biodiversity Adviser at BP (British Petroleum) waved goodbye to the corporate world to devote her energies to marine and terrestrial conservation. Today, she is a managing partner of Wave Action, a consultancy covering the avoidance and management of impacts where humans and wildlife interact.

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