I Love What I Do

TeresaTeresa Solomita is a psychoanalyst with a private practice in New York, helping individuals and couples who are struggling in their personal and professional relationships.  Prior to this she worked as a computer programmer for a major pharmaceutical company.  Although she liked some of the work, her heart was not in the job and she yearned for something different.

Her transition to becoming a therapist took many years, and for a while involved pursuing her studies while holding down a full-time job. Her clarity of vision and of purpose were remarkable.  In this interview, Teresa discusses how she persevered and stuck with her career dreams.

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Weekend Break Leads to Huge Career Change

0-bagThe purchase of a handbag from a boutique in the UK seaside resort of Brighton led Marcia Robinson to make a drastic career change.  The bright yellow O Bag received so many favorable comments from passersby that the seed of a business idea was planted in her head. 

Eventually, Marcia left her career as an IT professional behind her and set about launching the first ever dedicated O Bag store in the UK.  In this article, she discusses how she navigated her career transition into a completely different field.

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These Arizona Companies are All Hiring 100+ Workers in March 2016

amzn_fb-tw_Icon-globalWhile some states lag behind in terms of hiring and job creation, others continue to excel. Arizona is definitely at the top of the list.

With the spring visitor season closing in fast, more and more companies are looking to ramp up in terms of manpower. For this reason, there are quite a few companies in Arizona that plan to hire a minimum of 100 employees this month.

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The Best Companies to Work for are Hiring

hhonorsEvery year, Fortune puts out a list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in the United States. As a job seeker, this is a list that you want to pay close attention to. If you are looking for a job, you might as well find one at a company that will truly value you as an employee.

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BBQ Company Proves that Small Business Success is Possible

Screen-Shot-2016-03-02-at-10.01.55-AMFrom the outside looking in, it can be difficult to understand that small business success is possible. It’s not just the big companies, the well known brands, that have loads of success.

Recently, the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at UNM-Los Alamos selected Bob’s Bodacious BBQ, Restaurant and Catering as its Small Business “Success Client of the Year.”

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Boston Software Companies Went on Hiring Spree in 2015

softwareBoston is well known for being home to a variety of high level software companies. Last year, many of these companies went on a hiring spree.

According to a recent study conducted by ON Partners, nearly 800 new jobs were added during the fourth quarter of 2015. This may not sound like a big number, but it’s promising when you take into consideration the companies doing the hiring.

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